Day 10 – The New Wonders

Unfortunately, Tanishq and Devyani could’t join us. It was already 04:30 am and it was time to leave. The plan was to start before sunrise so that we could avoid the traffic as well as the scorching sun (as much as we can avoid Indian traffic πŸ˜‚ ).

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Day 9 – Akshardham

Our day started off rather early. I woke up, quite excited about visiting the largest temple in Delhi, The Akshardham Temple.

We called our friends and discussed when and where we had to meet. I was so excited that we left without even having any breakfast and asked them to meet at a common point from where we would go together.

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Day 7 – Speechless

Why is this bird flying so close to me? And now it is hitting my face with it’s wings…Stop it! Stoppppp!…..thought I, while this bird continued flapping its wings against my face.

I woke up, apparently I was dreaming and actually one of the guys was trying to wake me up with gently patting in my face.
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