5 Things to keep in mind before traveling to India! (4 minutes read)

India is one of the most desirable tourist destinations in the world. The country is full of mysteries and can be really unexpected at a lot of occasions, due to its vast diversity.

You would probably have various expectations from the things you’ve either seen or heard about India, but it is a lot more than that.

The country is both modern and conservative.

So, if you’re travelling to India, especially ‘solo’, you should be aware of the following:

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Day 8 – HOLI!!!

All excited about the festival of colours, we woke up early in the morning getting ready forΒ Holi. Unfortunately all the excitement withered, when he reminded me that he has to visit his parents place for some custom. So, he left me at one of our friend’s place while on his way to home. But, I’m glad he didn’t have to stay there for a long time. Read More

Day 7 – Speechless

Why is this bird flying so close to me? And now it is hitting my face with it’s wings…Stop it! Stoppppp!…..thought I, while this bird continued flapping its wings against my face.

I woke up, apparently I was dreaming and actually one of the guys was trying to wake me up with gently patting in my face.
Hey Issy! We gotta go. Come, lock the door! We’ll meet soon. Thank you for last night and have a good sleep today! Read More