Purana Qila | Old Fort


What is the first thing that pops in your head, when you hear it? Taj Mahal! Food! Spices! Cows on the streets! Sarees!

Perhaps, all of these, right? And you can’t deny the fact that you thought about things like overpopulation, traffic, the dense crowd and noises coming from everywhere, all the time. India is a country, densely populated. Especially the big cities like Mumbai and Delhi.

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Day 5: Celebration

She still had fever the entire night. After taking a medicine she just lied down and covered herself with a blanket. I could not see her suffering and although she didn’t want me to leave our friends alone I decided to sleep with her for a few hours. After hugging her tight she finally calmed down and slept. I was really happy because being awake the whole night could make her more sick. Everyone took a small nap too, so as to leave early for they had to go home and get ready for our friend’s birthday celebration. It had to take place at ‘My Bar Headquarters in Connaught Place early afternoon. After all our friends left we cleaned up all the mess and took a nap for a few more minutes.

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