5 Things you need to know before going to Bulgaria!

Bulgaria is probably one of the most underrated destinations in the world. It is unknown and ignored by tons of people visiting Europe. What they miss, is a whole nation of exquisite landscapes with extremely rich history and beautiful historical places, evenly amalgamated with nowadays modern technology and architecture. Read More


Day 9 – Akshardham

Our day started off rather early. I woke up, quite excited about visiting the largest temple in Delhi, The Akshardham Temple.

We called our friends and discussed when and where we had to meet. I was so excited that we left without even having any breakfast and asked them to meet at a common point from where we would go together.

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Why Jogging?

Jogging is probably one of the best “exercises” to be healthy and tone your body.

Ever wondered how useful can it be for you?

After adapting the physical regime of jogging this is what we experienced and would love to share and recommend.

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