5 Major mainstream things you can do being a “Long Distance Couple”

If you ask someone who is in a long distance relationship about their biggest couple problem, usually they will answer that it is them not being together.  Seeing couples walking on the streets holding hands, watching movies and just being together physically can sometimes arise nostalgia or Saudade in LDR couples. The lack of physical contact can be somewhat mentally noxious. But, you can always scrabble through by adopting these clichéd ways. Read More


Lacking Conviction…

What flashes in your mind, when you hear “Long distance relationship”? I bet it is of-course the distance fought by endless texting, frequent calls and late night video calls, being on virtual dates, watching movies while video calling, lacking the physical contact, endless tears and somehow just full filling your craving for your better half. Well, I can assure you, that’s exactly how it is!

But, there is a lot more to it! Read More