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Real or artificial tree | Blogmas # 20 ❄

Hey Guys! Hope you are doing well!

I had a dilemma. I was really unsure if i should by a real or artificial tree for this Christmas. And this is a topic that has been raised from a lot of families during Christmas time every year.

In order to make the right decision, I made a small list of Pros and Cons of the real and artificial trees.

Every year we hear one and the same thing from the activists who claim that they are saving the planet by buying an artificial tree instead of cutting a real one. Well, this is not quite true.
First of all the Real Christmas trees that we see being sold, have been raised specifically for being Christmas trees. There are farms for that and if someone cuts a tree from the forest and not from the designated place, they will have to face a solid 4 digits fine.
Second, the majority of artificial trees are made out of very harmful for our health materials. You can actually find in the user manual of how to put the tree, instructions of using gloves if touching the tree, washing hands with specific chemicals and not letting kids come close to it. Yay!
Buying an artificial tree will actually be in favour of the environment if it is used for 15-20 years. There are a lot of people who buy artificial trees and throw them after 2-3 years. The recycling of such a product takes much more time and it is much more damaging to nature. Which makes the whole idea of having an artificial tree useless.
Having a real tree is nice, the smell the feeling is amazing, but cleaning after it is real torture. All those needles and small pines… and the gum. Needless to say, you can find all these needles even in places you can never expect them to be.

So after making pointing these things out, I was actually still confused. But then, the good old economics and people’s greed helped me with the decision.

I went to a couple of places where I could find real trees and indeed there were some really nice ones. When I asked the seller, what is the price range he said that the trees start from 30 up to 70 leva. (15 to 35 euros). For 30 leva you can get a small and already old tree, and for 60-70 leva you will be able to get a good, ca. 1.6m, tree. I asked the guy, will I receive a bill, he said that they are the “producers” and they do not give bill (logic, where are you), so that was a time for me to bargain 🙂 . Apparently, not a lot of people know that, if they do not receive bills, the price is not set and you can bargain. The seller gave me a final price of 45 leva for the tree I liked, which means that the actual price of it should be around 15 leva – the way it was 3-4 years back.

I went to another, big store, where you were able to find both real and artificial trees. There were also trees in pots, which after that can be planted. The seller offered me a 1.6m tree in a pot for the price of 33 leva, after discount, as I went pretty late to buy it. Its real, initial price was 60 leva. But wait, you have to buy also a big pot for 15 leva and lots of soil, lets say for 10 more leva. Okaaaay… so in general again it goes to 60 leva for one tree.

At this point, I realised that I will buy an artificial tree. The tree I have already liked was 1.8m, green for 89 leva. The easy calculation was that I will spend a lot more money if I am buying a tree every year, rather then just buy it once and use it for the next 10-15 years.

This is the tree i bought. It looks smaller than it actually is. Check out the Blogmas post about my Christmas Decoration to see how it looks with lights and ornaments 🙂

What do you prefer, a real or an artificial tree?

Joy. Happiness. Love.


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