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KonMari Method | Lifestyle Hacks

Hey Guys! Hope you are doing well!

We have decided to start a new thread and every Sunday we will be sharing different lifestyle hacks which we have learnt and find really helpful.

So today we are going to share something really simple that actually can change your life. We are going to talk about: “A system and philosophy for tidying your home and leading a life that sparks joy.” The KonMari Method! The method of cleaning up your home once and never doing it again!

Every once and a while I was spending one whole day in trying to get my closet and drawers with clothes tidy. I tried thousand and thousands of different techniques and tricks to keep my stuff in order but eventually, in 3-4 weeks everything was messy again.

Until the one day, a friend of mine told me to look up the so-called KonMari method. She said it is widely known by mommies who need to keep their babies’ clothes tidy. This was the moment my life changed!

The KonMari Method

The genius behind the idea is the Japanese tidying expert Marie Kondo. She has stared with her tiding consultancies at the age of 19 in Tokyo.

“Today, Marie is a renowned tidying expert helping people around the world to transform their cluttered homes into spaces of serenity and inspiration.”

There are 6 simple rules that one have to follow in order to achieve the desired results:

RULE 1 Commit yourself to tidying up

RULE 2 Imagine your ideal lifestyle

RULE 3 Finish discarding first

RULE 4 Tidy by category; not by location

RULE 5 Follow the right order

RULE 6 Ask yourself if it sparks joy

My experience with the KonMari method goes to the arrangement of clothes, as this usually is the messiest spot in my apartment.

As I don’t have a big wardrobe, and it has only space for the clothes that should be on hangers, the majority of my stuff has to be put in drawers. You know how difficult it is to take something out of a drawer without making something else messy…


It is really important to remember one thing: Everything should be visible. Nothing should be hidden behind, as everything must have its own “spotlight”. That is why the first thing that I had to learn is the way of folding my clothes in a specific shape. And the final result was more than shocking.20180420_091441-01.jpegFirst of all, I had way more space, I was able to take something out without ruining the whole order and the most important part – I was able to find everything I was looking for without taking out the whole content of the drawers.20180420_091329-01.jpegThe method is also really handy, as you have to follow the category-by-category system, which definitely leads to really long-lasting results. T-shirts with T-shirts, tank-tops with tank-tops, blouses, sweatshirts, leggings, pyjamas… everything is in order.

It has been now 5 months since I have decided to give a try to this Method and my clothes are still in complete order ^_^ !

If you have tried this method or are looking forward to it, we will be happy to hear what you think about it and if it has helped you as much as it helped me!

For more information about the amazing Marie Kondo, the method and how to purchase the books visit


Peace, Love, Unity and Having Fun!


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