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Boyana Church – UNESCO World Heritage Centre & Boyana Waterfall (Sofia)

Situated on the outskirts of Mt. Vitosha in the neighbourhood of Boyana, exists the atavistic Boyana Church.
After a continuous spell of rain for the past couple of days, finally came a bright sunny day. So, we decided to pay a visit to the ancient Boyana Monastery and the Boyana Waterfall.

So our journey to the Boyana begun.

Boyana Church – UNESCO World Heritage Centre

Being a UNESCO World Heritage Centre, Boyana Church has strict rules once you enter the Church building. Inside the church, there were ancient scriptures and paintings of the saints on the walls. Moreover, a *historian* is usually present to provide a detailed explanation of the church.

Boyana Church Branch – Sofia

As soon as we’re done, we immediately left for the Boyana Waterfall.

According to certain blogs on the internet, the waterfall was supposed to be not more than 2 hours of easy trekking. In contrast, the trek was around 3 hours and a bit tricky at the last half an hour stretch. With no proper equipment and just 1 small bottle of water, our journey to the waterfall began.

We decided to go first to the top of the waterfall knowing the weather was good but to our misfortune, it changed to cloudy and then rainy almost instantly. Usually, in the mountains, the weather changes almost instantly, but at least it gives you some hints that it might rain. The fact that the whole trek to the waterfall passes through a really deep forest, we were not able to realize that it was getting cloudy.

Boyana Waterfall

And suddenly it started raining cats and dogs… no, worse… it started raining cows and elephants. The best part… there was thunder! Yay! So we had to run. Although we’re quite close, we never reached to the point where we could actually enjoy it.
We ran down the narrow muddy path, while the rain continuously helped us slide down even faster. In 30 minutes we have covered 1/3 of the way down.

After half an hour of a spell, the rain finally stopped. Thankfully, as lower, we went as warmer it got, so we were not freezing after being all wet.


After 20-30 more minutes, we were already at the beginning of the trekking path. We hurdled to our car which was parked close to the Boyana Church.

Boyana Waterfall Trek, commencement point!

It was a whole new experience for us together. We would suggest you guys to definitely give these places a visit. You will love the tranquillity and nature around the area, just watch the weather before leaving though.

If you guys need any kind of help, you can always reach out to us via comments or email us at

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