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Giginski Monastery (Tsarnogoriski Monastery)

Hi Guys!

The first place we visited in Bulgaria was the Giginski Monastery also known as Tsarnogorski Monastery “St. St. Cosmas and Damian.”Located 55-60 km (30-45 min drive) West to Sofia, near the village of Gigintsi, the monastery is a must visit, especially if you see yourself in Sofia.IMG_20180715_133254-01.jpegThe monastery holds a great historical importance due to being one of the oldest Orthodox Monasteries. It was declared the “Monument of Culture” in 1976 and has been a crucial site for Orthodox Festivals and a great value to the people of Bulgaria.

The church, built in 1814, is the most important infrastructure in the Monastery complex. Other than that you will come across a small ancient church, newly built church, the pond of healing water and refectory.IMG_20180715_133528-01.jpegYou can witness some old Bulgarian engravings on the ceiling of all the old and renovated structures. The place is really famous for its healing water, which is said to heal the stomach, kidney and bone diseases. Not just this, it is also believed to improve one’s immune system. Bulgarian cheese made out of Buffalo’s milk is also what makes this monastery popular.IMG_20180715_133659.vr-01.jpegWe were really lucky to find ourselves at the monastery exactly at the time we went, as for the first time the Giginski monastery hosted the festival (so called “Subor”) “In the Heart of Graovo”. The three-day fest (13th-15th July) presenting the culture, music, traditions, talents, crafts and the spirit of the region. The visitors immerse themselves in the beauty and richness of Graovo’s folklore, faith, customs and crafts.

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