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Home! Sweet Home!

Hey Guys! Issy’s here ❤

Today’s post is about something really exciting. As we have mentioned in our previous post “Anniversary Blog!“, a lot of things have been happening in the past few weeks, which were keeping us occupied, and we are really eager to share all of them with you 🙂

So… let’s begin.

I am so happy to announce that I finally got my New Apartment!! Yaaaaaay!!!


The place is not far from where I used to live before with my parents, in one of the outskirt neighbourhoods of Sofia – actually 15 mins away with a car from the centre.

The apartment is also not really big. It has basically 2 rooms – one huge living room and one bedroom, and is more than perfect for one, soon to be Two! 😉

Here are some pictures. It is not arranged properly yet, there are a lot of things that have to be brought in…. buuuut at least it is ready to live in ❤





I am actually very excited, as this is a huge step for me. Not in the sense that I finally would be able to live alone. My parents are already travelling a lot and I tend to be pretty much alone in the previous apartment as well.

The reason for my excitement is the fact that I will finally be on my own. The interior, the small things, even the candles, smells and the food, I will be able to decide what is the best for me and of course – finally some quality “Me, Myself and I” time 😀

Thank you guys for passing and if you have any kind of suggestions or tips, tricks and hacks, I will be more than happy to know them ❤


Peace, Love, Unity and Having Fun!
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