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Sunset Beach | South Goa

Hey Guys!

On our visit to Goa, the second beach we relished was the Sunset Beach, Velsao, Goa. Dubbed as the Quietest Beach in Goa, Sunset Beach is one of the most serene and least crowded beaches in Goa. The beach is quite aptly named, for the view of sunset it renders. If you ever find yourself in South Goa, this place definitely deserves a visit. Especially, if you love to do beach yoga, you would adore this Goa beach.

You will love how relaxed you will be, once you are at this beach. The ocean waves and the cool breeze will definitely make your day. No wonder, why it is one of the most preferred South Goa Beaches for foreigners. Definitely worth a visit.

Quietest Beach in Goa – the Sunset Beach…

Vast stretch of Sunset Beach
Sunset at Sunset Beach
Beach Yoga
Sunset Beach, Veslao, Goa


Beach Yoga at Sunset Beach, Goa
Well, I tried.
The beginning of the beach line, covered with garbage, of Sunset Beach, South Goa

Although the beach line itself was amazingly clean and untouched, there were a few spots in which trash left from the visitors could be seen. We have no clue if there actually are people who clean the beach, as we didn’t see anyone maintaining it. But this really is unacceptable.

Guys, let’s try to keep these serene places clean and treasure them for longer.

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Away from all of the kind of hustle & bustle, South Goa gives you the peace and enjoyment that you longed for.
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