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6 Beautiful Beaches in South Goa worth visiting!

Hey Guys!

On her visit to India late in December, Issy and I spent a beautiful vacation at Goa, in January – the most-desirable and suitable month to savour the vacation.
After we celebrated New Year’s Eve together, on the 1st of January we left for Goa with an amazing couple Devyani and Munish a.k.a. Untamed Voyages.

Having the same taste of exploration, we already planned to backpack across the serene South Goa rather than going to the crowded parts of North Goa.

Amidst the hurried pace of Indian life, we finally experienced the unperturbed and marvellous South Goa. Beaches were extremely beautiful and tidy, as compared to their northern counterparts. In the months of winters, Goa weather is what makes it a perfect spot to have the energising summer vibes.

So, here are some of the most beautiful beaches & places to visit in South Goa that we came across:


Hurried as soon as we parked our scooter, we ran directly to the beautiful sea as the sun shone high. After we got out, we found ourselves a lounger with an umbrella belonging to this great shack. A perfect blend of summer vibes, great food and serenity make this beach a perfect place to chill.

For more pictures check out our post about Benauilm Beach.


One of the least crowded beaches we came across, the beach is quite aptly named, for the view of sunset it renders. If you ever find yourself in South Goa, this place definitely deserves a visit. Especially, if you’re a yoga fan, you would adore this Goa beach.

For more pictures check out our post about Sunset Beach.


Belonging to one of the most inhabited cities in Goa, Colva is a great place if you’re looking for good cafes and restaurants. Not just that, Colva is a great place to buy souvenirs and other stuff Goa is famous for.
As of the beach, it is mostly crowded, but at night it is a great place to have a sublime candle-lit dinner listening to calming ocean waves with a touch of soothing breeze.


Almost an hour and a half away from where we stayed, the beach was all kinds of worth-the-drive! The most beautiful beach we came across and definitely one of the best places in Goa. Palolem beach huts and shacks are perfect for sun loungers, as you can get a great blend of savoury food, beautiful view, and soothing weather.
This Goa beach is straight out of those vibrant beaches in Hollywood movies. If you can, definitely stay for the sunset, as the sky gets all kind of vibrant and captivating.
One of the major attractions also includes witnessing dolphins.

*Highly Recommended!*


If you’re looking to get a good tan and enjoy the bright weather with amazing seafood, this is the place for you. Yet again, a beautiful beach with so clear water and tranquil surrounding you would just want to chill here all day long, every day.

*Highly Recommended*

For more pictures check out our post about Cavelossim Beach.


This is the beach famous for its Bioluminescence nature i.e., glowing nature of the sea at night due to the presence of certain glowing living organisms. Unfortunately, we could witness the glow as it wasn’t the right period of the year. Nevertheless, a beautiful place for having a beautiful beach dinner date. Being a sun-lounger you would love this beach for its water and bright sun.

During our short visit to Goa, we made the most of what we could. Had we been there for a few more days we would’ve explored some of the best places to visit in Goa. Nevertheless, we had the time of our lives.

If you’re planning your visit to India, we would suggest you to definitely plan a trip to Goa. November, December, January, February & March being the best time to visit Goa, especially South Goa, makes it perfect Goa tourist season. Other beautiful South Goa beaches include Mobor Beach, Majorda Beach, Varca Beach, Bogmalo Beach etc. If you’re planning a honeymoon in Goa, above mentioned are some of the best beaches in India you can be at.


Stay tuned for our next travel blogs for more beautiful and untouched places.

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  1. Gorgeous pictures. Never thought of going to Goa before but this has definitely put it on my bucket list. Good to know the best times of the year to go as well. I also love that there are cows on the beach, that’s something I’ve never seen before ha. Glad you enjoyed yourselves 🙂 xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • The cows were the biggest surprise for us too :D! Glad our post has woken up your interest in visiting it! You will definitely have more than great time there! And let us know your thoughts about it later. If you need any kind of help – don’t hesitate to ping us ❤


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