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5 Valentine’s Day ideas for LDR couples

Hey Guys!

Being in a long distance relationship can sometimes be really hard, majorly because of the lack of physical approach to each other. The social media and all the surrounding circumstances usually are not in any help.

It gets even harder with those really special occasions and dates that we have to miss, like Birthdays, Graduations, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day etc. etc. etc.

So, we would like to give a few simple ideas to all those LDR souls who are not able to meet today on Valentine’s Day 2018!

  • Virtual Dinner Date

This one is our favourite! That is why it is on the top of our list. It tumblr_oba7cqIJOL1qzomoco1_500is absolutely not a must to be out on the Valentine’s Day. You can have an amazing time together while being at home. The advantage of the virtual dinner dates is that you can skip all of the uncomfortable parts like picking up the perfect restaurant, or not drink cuz you will have to drive, or being a part of a love quarrel on the next table and many others you can think of. You can try preparing or ordering similar cuisine and just drawn yourself in each other while having your pleasant, romantic and comfy time.

  • Virtual Movie Night

Going to the cinema together is something we always wanted to do. And being in an LDR absolutely doesn’t mean you can’t catch a movie together. Simply have a Skype call and sync the movie you decided to see. This can be a really amazing experience which you can do occasionally.

  • Send them a virtual gift

Of course, sending something lovely to make your half feel loved is the best thing. But sometimes it can be really expensive and the timings and conditions of the delivered pack are an unsure thing. You can always send an e-card, or make a video with favourite pictures and songs, write a poem, or simply draw something lovely. You can check the links below to see some of the sites which create personal e-cards and other gifts for your loved ones:

  • Turn up the heattumblr_obfwrj8vl31qzomoco1_500

Just because there are a few miles between the two of you it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a passionate and “steamy” Valentine’s Day! Just find your perfect spot, make it romantic and pleasant and enjoy your dirty talks and sexy Skype experience 😛

  • Gifts for future

If you have or haven’t already planned the next meeting with your significant other, you can always make those special “Gift Cards”. It can be absolutely anything. Any extreme thing you both always wanted to, like bungee jumping, rafting, flying with paraplanners, etc. Or visiting a special place you know they like – museums, festivals, a theatre piece, natural phenomenon. It is all about your creativity.

At the end, it is all about apprecations and love! Have a happy and lovely Valentines’s Day!



You can check all of the cute gifs here


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