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Sofia Weihnachtsmarkt || Blogmas # 13 ❄

Hey Guys!

Today we have decided to share with you how a Christmas market looks like in the capital city of Bulgaria – Sofia. Maybe some of you remember what we have written in our third Blogmas post about the Christmas markets and if you don’t and have no idea what a Christmas market is, you can always check the related post 🙂

The Christmas market in Sofia is called “Sofia Weihnachtsmarkt”. Influenced by the German culture, it was decided to keep the original name of the market as well as the authentic style and vibe. Weihnachten in German means Christmas and Markt – market. But it just sounds more fancy to say Weihnachtsmarkt 😀



There are small houses for everyone’s taste. Of course, in front of the houses with the German sausages “Wursts”, the mulled wine and the waffles, the queues were the longest 😀 .



Except for the amazing food that the visitors could try there, there were also a lot of houses with handmade Christmas decorations, different tea, books, charity activities, honey, toys and a so many more.



Going to such place usually gives you that Christmas vibe you can’t get anywhere else. If you have a Christmas market in your town, or a town you will be visiting in the next days, definitely go to such market. The experience is amazing and it is something not to miss.


Joy. Happiness. Love.



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