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Tracking Santa Claus || Blogmas # 9 ❄

Hey Guys!

Today’s Blogmas post is related to something really excited I came across just while surfing the internet.

Yet again Google has come with an amazing idea, making our holidays even more fascinating and of course, the awaiting of Santa even more excited.

Google’s Santa Tracker or Santa’s Village! (click HERE)


The page is created with the idea of tracking the upcoming Santa’s journey on Christmas Eve.

In order for it not to be boring and available only on 24th of December, the developers have created the Santa Village as an improvised Advent Calendar.


For each and every day before Christmas, there are different activities.

It can be a game, or a video which is really interesting and educational, or things to print so that even the youngest ones who don’t use electronic devices can get engaged.



You can also get the Santa Tracker app for Android on the on Google Play. The app is free and really interesting. You can find it by clicking HERE


And on 24th of December, during the whole day, Santa’s Journey can be tracked. This literally is so exciting, so I recommend you guys not to miss it! Let’s see what Google has prepared for us!

Joy. Happiness. Love.




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