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Ghost of Christmas Past || Blogmas # 8 ❄

Hey Guys!

Christmas is one of the holiest and most sentimental holidays of the year. Families gather after being long apart or even if there weren’t for lunch or dinner. Having a little peaceful time with the closest ones, appreciating and just enjoying each other’s company is actually the main meaning of every feast. And what is a family gathering without remembering of the good old days… embarrassing and funny amazing days.

So, we decided to share a few moments of Issy’s Christmas and New Year celebrations from a long time back.


Family gathering with the closest friends and the all-time favourite creamy cake! Christmas is not the same without them.



Christmas in the Kindergarten was something really amazing. There were different types of celebrations every year. Every group was having its own show – dances, songs or etudes. It was just incredible. And of course Santa!!!


Being half Russian has its own advantages. You just have two Christmases every year. In the Russian Cultural Center in Sofia, for every New Year (as this is a really big fest in Russia, on which actually Santa is giving his gifts) there was a theatre piece related to the Russian Santa (Ded Moroz) and his grand-daughter Snow white (Snegurochka). Every kid was able to meet Ded Moroz and perform for him either a song or a poem after which they were getting presents.


After that, a dance, known as Horovod was danced around the huge Christmas tree.


On 13th of January which is the Old New Year in Russia, people are wearing old clothes and painting their faces with charcoal so that the bad ghosts and spirits are banished.


After which, at night, everyone dresses beautifully in order to meet the New Year.


And the best is when you are able to share all these moments with good friends 🙂


And a good…. drink!


What are your favourite moments from your childhood Christmases? We will be happy to hear about each and every one, so don’t hesitate to share them in the comment sections bellow 🙂

Joy. Happiness. Love.



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