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Christmas Markets || Blogmas # 3 ❄

Hey Guys!

Our today’s Blogmas is about Christmas Markets.
You must be thinking what’s so special about them?

Well… These markets are all kinds of special.

A Christmas Market is a temporary street market set-up during the 4 weeks of Advent for Christmas Shopping! Originated in Germany, back in the late middle ages, these markets were known as “December Markets” which later changed to “Weihnachtsmarkt” and “Christkindlmarkt” which literally translates to “Christ child market”.



Traditionally the market consisted of food, drinks and seasonal gifts in open-air stalls and wooden houses usually blended with traditional singing and dancing to create a good Christmas vibe for everyone to relish.

Interestingly, local kids were dressed as boy Jesus, so as to depict the arrival of Lord Jesus in their city/town.

Nowadays these markets are much larger and even considered popular tourist attraction in countries like Germany and Vienna where large-scale Christmas Markets are set up which draw millions of people worldwide.


Major Attractions…
These markets consists of wide variety of unique Christmas gifts, hand-crafted toys, clothes and tons of other Christmas material.

The markets are filled with variety of food and drinks for you try. Usually mulled wine, tea, eggnog and hot chocolate are an absolute must. Of course it depends on what Christmas market you are attending – traditional food for every region is being offered. For example in Germany you will definitely find different kinds of Wurst-s, potatoes, the amazing breads and verities of traditional Christmas sweets.


Not just that, Christmas Markets nowadays are even theme-driven, wherein the whole market would be dedicated to a single theme or different parts of the market are given a specific theme for them to keep. Also a lot of charity organisations and social volunteers take part in the markets, having their own stalls and houses, involving more people in their activities.


Here is a small list of the biggest and most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe:

1. Strasbourg, Alsace, France – Marché de Noël

2. Paris, France – Christmas village on La Défense esplanade

3. Dresden, Germany – Striezelmarkt

4. Düsseldorf, Germany – Weihnachtsmarkt

5. Nuremberg, Germany –  Christkindlesmarkt

6. Frankfurt, Germany – Weihnachtsmarkt 

7.  Stuttgart, Germany – Weihnachtsmark

8. Manchester, UK – Christmas market

9. London, UK – Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

10. Worcester’s Victorian Christmas Fayre, UK

11. Vienna, Austria – Adventmarkt

12. Vienna, Austria – Weihnachtsmark

13. Basel, Switzerland – Ältester Weihnachtsmarkt der Schweiz (the oldest Christmas market of Switzerland)

14. Barcelona, Spain – Fira de Santa Lucia

15. Valencia, Spain – Feria de attracciones

16. Røros, Norway – The fairy tale town where you can feed Santa’s reindeers

17. Odense, Denmark – Hans Christian Andersen Christmas Market

18. Copenhagen, Denmark – Christmas market

19.  St. Petersburg, Russia – The Christmas fair 

20. Moscow, Russia – The Red Square Christmas Market

Do you have a Christmas market in your town? If yes, we recommend you to get yourself a little bit more in the festive spirit by visiting it. You won’t stay disappointed. And we will be happy to hear about your experience 🙂

Joy. Happiness. Love.



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