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Advent Calendar || Blogmas # 2 ❄

Hey Guys!

Today’s Blogmas post is about one of the most exciting traditions related to Christmas. And this is the Advent Calendar!

The Advent Calendar is a special calendar which is used to count the days of Advent – the time of the preparations for Christmas.

The history of the advent calendar originates  back in the 19th century in Germany from one of the oldest protestant branches – the Lutheranism. From the first Sunday of Advent till Christmas Eve, a chalk line was drown to count every day until Christmas.

Other early styles of the Advent Calendar were the Advent Clock or the Advent Candle: Each candle for the 24 days till Christmas.

Traditionally the Advent Calendar included only the manager scene, Saint Nicholas and winter weather, while the range of themes used to be from sports to technology.

Interesting isn’t it?

Even nowadays you can see the Calendars in multitude of forms: a simple paper calendar with flaps for each day, a calendar with fabric pockets on a wooden box with cubicle holes for small items.
The latest Advent Calendars are in a form of a large rectangular card with ‘windows’. Every window has a number for every day, from December 1st till December 24th, in a mixed order. Often, these ‘windows’ consists of various small gifts such as an image, a poem, small toys, variety of chocolates etc.


These calendars are a must for every Christmas-head and of course children. Counting down the days before the most holly, jolly and festive holidays makes it even more exciting.

So if you know someone who is a huge Christmas fanatic may it be your younger brother, sister, cousin or even the neighbours’ kid or even for yourself – make your Christmas happier and joyful with an Advent calendar gift!

If you’re looking for an Advent Calendar you can find them HERE!

Joy. Happiness. Love.



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