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Why Blogmas? || Blogmas # 1 ❄

Hey Guys!

We are really happy with the upcoming month, because we decided to take part in this year’s Blogmas series!

For those of you, who have no idea what Blogmas or Vlogmas actually means, it is combination of the words Blog/Vlog with Christmas, wherein Blogs/Vlogs are exclusively about Christmas, its events and other things related to it.

Annually, from 1st till 25th of December, bloggers and vloggers around the world take part in these series by posting at least once a day anything they can relate to Christmas – presents, decoration, music, movies, clothes, food, drinks, past and present experiences, etc. etc. etc…

Why did we decide to take part in the Blogmas?

Well, firstly, it is something like a tradition for every blogger to do it at least once, and if we have to be honest, it looks pretty much fun. Although, other bloggers we talked to, told us how hard it is to maintain it and how stressful can it get, yet we decided to give it a shot.

Secondly, being from different cultures and religions, sometimes the most usual things for you can be the most unfamiliar things for the other person. In out case apparently Rishabh doesn’t know a lot about Christmas, except for the mainstream traditional things. So we found the Blogmas as a good opportunity for him to go deep down in the origins of Christmas and learn a lot of new things about it.

So guys, stay tuned with our Blogmas. We would really appreciate if you share your thoughts with us.


Joy. Happiness. Love.



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