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Justice League (2017) Review *No Spoilers*

One of the most awaited movies of this year, ever since it’s first trailer/teaser came out! Yes, it is finally out!

According to critics, the review has been harsh. On the contrary, we would disagree with the overall critique of the movie, because… well DC!!!!

Current rating according to IMDB is 7,7/10⭐, which we think is less than the movie deserves.

Yes, the movie should have done a little more justice to the characters: The Flash (Ezra Miller) and Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), but the movie as a whole was really admirable and thrilling. Had it not been for Zack Snyder’s family tragedy and change of director in the midway, the movie would have shut the critics up.


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The movie was 110 minutes long, which could’ve been a bit longer. All thanks to Warner Brothers, who mandated the time to be less than 2 hours. Nevertheless, the movie was quite comic accurate and dark but with a little touch of humour.

It has really impressive action sequences, including the slow-motion sequences with The Flash and underwater sequences of Atlantis. Although at some places CGI could’ve been better.

A lot of new characters have been introduced in the movie, who are going to have their own solo movies in future!

The movie didn’t leave behind verbal and visual cues in form of dialogues and cameos respectively to bring up certain plots in the future movies, which made Justice League a lot more interesting.

After Credits?
I suggest you Stay for the ‘tradition’.


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Justice League has 2 after credit scenes which are really interesting and being a DC fan you would love to know how enthralling and crucial they are.

It’s definitely a Must Watch, whether you’re a DC fan or not. You will be captivated and thrilled all along the movie.


P.S. This was our first ever review. Hope you like it.
If there’s anything you would like to say, don’t hesitate.




2 thoughts on “Justice League (2017) Review *No Spoilers* Leave a comment

  1. I so agree with you on the CGI thing! There were some effects that looked a little…too fake, I guess? But the slow-mos with Barry were really great! Loved the cosmic relief he provided all throughout the storyline. Plus, Ezra Miller is one of my fav actors ever!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, at some places they could’ve improved it. The Slo-mos were great, rather different than those in X-men(Quicksilvers’) but quite fascinating.
      Comic relief was all because of Joss Whedon, had it been Zack, movie would’ve been darker (The way I wanted).

      Ezra is great, we’re a big fan as well. 😀

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