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Day 11 – Unexpectedness

Remembering this day is really hard for both of us. And writing about it, coming again to all that happened that day, leaves me wretched as well as a little heart-broken.

Waking up realising that it’s your last day with each other was gloomy enough, rather we decided the make the most of it.


We decided to go to Connaught Place (CP) and Janpath market for shopping. Then meet our friends and spend some quality time with them. After which we would spend the night together packing and treasuring time, just us two.

Unfortunately nothing went as planned and the day turned out to be a disaster.

On our way to C.P. we met with an accident. We didn’t realise an important part of the car was compromised until we reached there. So, we went shopping and decided to fix the car as soon as we’re done with shopping.  Also while shopping, I did a pretty good job at the bazaar, bargaining which even he can’t deny. My Super Saiyan bargaining skills mode showed up and I remember Rishabh being really fascinated about this fact. But I was really concerned about him. He was worried about the car but still did everything to not get the day ruined.

We even went to have some chicken rolls at a place he was mentioning from my first day in India, but never had the time to visit it. It is an absolute must in anyone’s list of restaurants in Delhi, it’s Nizam’s Kathi Kabab. Also, if you are at CP you definitely have to try the Ice and Fire Paan-s. I already had the Ice one on my day first, which was a nice Paan and now it was a time to have the Fire one. The feeling can’t be described. Although, I really prepared myself, it wasn’t such a big deal. Bad thing, the fire was not that visible on the video.


We somehow managed to get to our friends’ place, from where Rishabh went to get the car fixed and I spent a few amazing hours with the guys laughing, enjoying the evening, discussing my whole experience in India, all of the things we did or didn’t have time to do, making the plans for my next visit and everyone gave me a present, for which I’m really thankful. Although I had a great time, in the back of my head I was really concerned about Rishabh getting his car fixed all alone. Wish I could be with him.

He came back after a few hours, all exhausted and I rushed to hug him! Although the car was already fixed there was still some tension in his mind. When I asked him what was bothering him, he just answered to me with one word “Dinner”.

It was late evening and we had to rush to his place for dinner with his family about which I have completely forgotten. I greeted our friends last goodbye until the next time we meet. Rishabh and I then rushed to his place and we were already more than an hour late.

As soon as we got to his place, his parents and brother warmly welcomed us to his home. We had an amazing time discussing my experience, exchanging talks about our culture and having the delicious dinner his mother prepared for us. Right before we were about to leave, his parents gave me a lot of beautiful presents including the amazing Chai(Tea), Spices and of course BournVita.

Guess we’ve got to find those good moments in the bad times.

We hustled to our place as we had to pack our stuff and leave for the airport early in the morning. I really wish we could get some more quality time together. We spent almost all the night packing and treasured the remaining few hours together without any sleep, for we had to leave for the airport soon.

Struggle. Understanding. Faith. Love.



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