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Orionid Meteor Shower (Tonight’s the Peak Night)

What is the Orionid Meteor Shower?

Orionid Meteor Shower (Orionids) is one of the 2 cornucopia of meteor showers created from the debris of the Halley’s Comet. The second one is the Eta Aquarids.  They are called Orionids because of the fact that the point where they seem to originate from, known as the radiant, lies in the constellation Orion.


Path of Halley’s Comet


When can you WITNESS the Orionids?
You can witness this amazing phenomenon from October 2 to November 7 and the shower is expected to peak on the night of October 20 and early morning of October 21, which is tonight.

The shower is expected to consist of 10-20 meteors per hour, which makes it quite prolific, depending on the area from where you will experience.

We definitely suggest you to have at least a slight look at it. Before we thought like, yeah, meteor showers, falling stars… what is so exciting about it. But after we saw it for the first time – missing it is really a big issue for us!

So guys, do see it and don’t forget – make a wish when you see a falling star and it will come true!


How can/should you see the Orionids?
The Orionids are easy to witness, all you need to have is a pair of eyes and clear sky. No, you don’t need a telescope.


The best will be if you find yourself a place far from the city and artificial lights where the sky is clear and not polluted and enjoy the amazing and romantic view.


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