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5 Things you need to know before visiting Bulgaria!

Bulgaria is probably one of the most underrated destinations in the world. It is unknown and ignored by tons of people visiting Europe. What they miss, is a whole nation of exquisite landscapes with extremely rich history and beautiful historical places, evenly amalgamated with nowadays modern technology and architecture.

There are a few things that everyone who is planning to go to Bulgaria should keep in mind so as to get the best of Bulgaria.

Well, if you have planed to go to Bulgaria you already know where it is, but we want to make sure that there is no misconception about it. We’ve heard so many unusual things about where Bulgaria is situated that even we are confused if we are living, where we think we do.

Bulgaria is a small country in the Eastern part of Europe, situated on the Balkan peninsula.
Bulgaria borders with the following:

  • East: The Black sea
  • West: Macedonia and Serbia
  • North: The Danube river and Romania
  • South: Greece and Turkey


2. NON SCHENGEN COUNTRY: Separate VISA Required.
Although Bulgaria is a part of the European Union it is still not part of the Schengen countries, but it’s in a process of of joining Schengen Area along with Romania. So an exclusive Bulgarian Visa is required.

Fortunately, the citizens of some countries don’t require visa for Bulgaria. You can check out those countries by clicking HERE.


Unlike most of the European countries, the Bulgarian currency is not euro but Lev (BGN). The currency symbol is “лв“. The plural of the word contrary to all expectations is not ‘Levs’ but ‘Leva‘. So if you want to buy something for more then 1 lev you have to say for example 10 leva (desset leh-vah).

The meaning of it comes from the old word for a Lion. (There are a lot of stories and legends that long before, the Balkans were full with lions and that is why Bulgarians have been called so.)

1 BGN = 0.61 USD
1 BGN = 0.51 EUR; 1 EUR = 1.95583 BGN
1 BGN = 68.38 Japanese Yen
1 BGN = 39.08 INR
*all figures are based on live mid-market rates to 17.10.2017.
The language spoken in Bulgaria is Bulgarian and the alphabet used is the Cyrillic alphabet. You can read more about the Cyrillic script and it’s creation in Bulgaria back in the 9th century AD in our related post.
The Bulgarian cuisine is something that you definitely should try. From different salads, soups, dishes, bakeries, barbecues to lots of sweets and small appetizers.

There are also a few food items and drinks for which Bulgaria is widely known all over the world, and of which Bulgarians are really proud of.

The first one is the Bulgarian yogurt. The so called sour milk (kiselo mlyako) is one of the most famous and undoubtedly the best and the healthiest of all dairy products. The lactobaciullus bulgaricus can be found only in the Bulgarian soil and it gives the yogurt the unique taste and consistency which can’t be matched anywhere else.

The second thing is Rakia – a strong traditional alcoholic beverage mainly prepared in the Balkan countries. It is also known as a fruit brandy. The typical alcohol content of rakia is aroun 40% ABV, but the home-produced one is really strong and it’s alcohol content can be way more than that – from 50% upto 90% sometimes.

Lyutenica, Turshiya and the White cheese – three things that can’t be explained with words but an absolute must in ones food list.



Bulgaria has one of the most mesmerizing natural landscapes that one can see. From sea, lakes, rivers, mountains, fields, forests, waterfalls, caves, nature phenomenons like pyramids, rocks, stone mushrooms and natural hot springs to hundreds of animal species. Almost one-third of the bulgarian land is covered in forests.

Because of it’s pure and virgin places, Bulgaria has been a top destination for a lot of tourists and nature beauty seekers.

The top destinations are:

  • The highest peak in the Balkan peninsula – the Musala Peak (2925m) in the Rila Mountian.
  • The seven Rila Lakes – a 4 hours trek among 7 beautiful lakes and fresh air.
  • The Pirin Mountain with it’s untouched beauty and the Vihren Peak (2914m).
  • The caves: Devil’s Throat, Snowhite, Ledenika, Magura (Magurata), Duhlata
  • Vitosha Mountain – The Black Peak/Cherni Vrah (2290m), Kopitoto Peak, the Golden Bridges, Bonsovi fields, Boyana waterfall and the incredible Stone River known as Morenite.


  • The Balkans and the numerous peaks and amazing forests.
  • Raysko Praskalo (Heavanly Spray) – the highest waterfall in Bulgaria and the Balkan peninsula with 124.5m and the Skakavitsa waterfall in Rila (70m).

Other places to visit in Bulgaria include the Bulgaria beaches- Sunny Beach, Golden Sands, the capital- Sofia city, Plovdiv, Veliko Tarnovo etc.

There are a lot more places in Bulgaria that are worth it to be seen and we will love to share with you everything about our journeys there, so stay tuned.


PS: Let us know what you like the most about Bulgaria if you’ve already visited and what else can we mention to make our post better.






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