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Day 10 – The New Wonders

Unfortunately, Tanishq and Devyani could’t join us. It was already 04:30 am and it was time to leave. The plan was to start before sunrise so that we could avoid the traffic as well as the scorching sun (as much as we can avoid Indian traffic 😂 ).

We said to each other goodbye promising we will meet again soon, although I knew I won’t be able to meet Devz during this stay of mine anymore because she was going to a trip to some beautiful part of India. We held our tears and we all left.

Rishabh and I were the first ones to get on the Mini bus (the so called Traveller) along with the girls who lived near us. Soon after that we went on to pick all our friends and continued our journey to the beautiful city


Due to the previous day being really exhausting and the sleepless night, both Rishabh and I slept on our way. Slept dead. The only things that I remember from our way to Agra was, when one of the guys, Manav, put a sandwich in my mouth (one of the tastiest things ever) and when someone was asking me if I wanted to go out… probably this was it. Or perhaps, while we were on a breakfast and chill stop in the middle of the way…. not a sober moment for me.

I woke up because of pain in my legs. Rishabh was lying all over me and I was squeezed in the corner. After several attempts to wake him up (this is a really difficult thing to do!) he finally woke up and eventually pointed to the window saying “Agra…. we are here” out of nowhere.


There it was. The most famous city in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

After we stopped and went out of the bus, the first thing that I realised was that, we were more south and it was SUMMER. It was hot! It was amazingly Hot! The weather was so good and warm that I suddenly felt more happy. Maybe this was also because of the amount of Vitamin D that helped the cells all over my body to communicate properly and hit the calcium in my blood or just the oxygen that got in my lungs after 6 hours of travelling and not moving at all… but I was revitalised.


So there we were. In front of the gate of Taj Mahal. The majestic Taj. Wah! – as a lot of my friends said 😂 (You can check our travel blog post about Taj Mahal for more details HERE!)


After roaming for a couple of hours around and taking a lot of pictures, we decided that it is time to leave and continue with exploring Agra.

The guys surprised me by renting a really specific type of vehicle – chariots with horses. This was more than amazing. We travelled with them to different spots in Agra looking for some specific sweets known as “Petha“. They are typical sweets for these part of India and we couldn’t miss the chance to take some back to Delhi. Well, I was not fascinated by them, they definitely were not bad, but I was afraid they will get spoiled by the time I get back, and there was something in their taste that stopped me of buying them. Later, I got to know that they were not the original ones -basically fake, so be careful from where you are you buying when you go there.


Our next stop was the ancient “Agra Fort“. The story of this fort is really fascinating and we will share all our impressions in our next Travel Blog Post about it, so stay tuned 😄.


It was getting already late but all of us were famished, so we went to a local Chinese restaurant. As soon as we came out of the restaurant, vendors selling souvenirs attacked us. I tried my bargaining skills but at the end I ended up buying with almost the same price the guy was offering me in the beginning because he “didn’t have” change to give me and we were really in a hurry of getting back on our Traveller so I was not able to argue 😑.

It was time to head back to Delhi. During the whole way I was sleeping and just observing how the driver was watching a movie on his phone while driving which is really dangerous, but fortunately we got back home safe and sound. We slept almost immediately after getting home because we were all exhausted.


Struggle. Understanding. Faith. Love.



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