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Day 8 – HOLI!!!

All excited about the festival of colours, we woke up early in the morning getting ready for Holi. Unfortunately all the excitement withered, when he reminded me that he has to visit his parents place for some custom. So, he left me at one of our friend’s place while on his way to home. But, I’m glad he didn’t have to stay there for a long time.

Due to my sore throat, I was still not able to talk. Our friend and her family started giving me various “home remedies” that should have helped me. They gave me magical tea and something known as ‘mulethi‘ (licorice root). Then they also gave me something that I was supposed to put in my mouth and wait for it to melt. Apparently, these remedies did work but just for a few moments.


licorice root

So we waited for everyone to come so that we could play Holi together. But, before that we had to get the Holi ammunition ourselves. So we went to buy the coloured powder known as “Gulal“, water guns and water balloons. On our way back to our friend’s place we went to pick up her cousin, the girl who had her birthday a few days back. While we were colouring each other (her relatives and us) at her place, some guys out of nowhere started throwing balloons at us. Luckily, we escaped and got into our car and drove to our place.


When we got back to our place, a few of our friends had already arrived and to my surprise they had already started playing without even waiting for us. While we were on our way to join them, an elderly guy stood in my way and warn the others not to use the ‘hard colours’ but just ‘Gulal‘ on me, because it could harm my skin.

Colours, water, screams, laughter, everything was mixing up in the amazing atmosphere.

But it all became way better and amazing when He came! Everyone attacked him! He was the only one clean there :D! And he didn’t expect it! Or did he 😀

I will never forget his face when he saw me, all in colours! That love coming out of his eyes, the warmth, the smile he gave me. He just asked me if I am having fun? “Hell yeah I do! Eat this pink gulal” shouted I while attacking him.


All I can say is that, Holi is wild and crazy in India. People colour you insanely. They don’t even leave your teeth, so you can imagine where all they are colouring you. Shooting with water gun, throwing balloons at random people. One moment you’re clean  but the next you can’t even recognise yourself. It was fun to be the part of the insanity.

At one point the sun started to set and the wind was getting pretty strong. And because I was still not well enough, we decided to go home, bath, change clothes and come back.


When we came back, the guys already settled down. Calm but all tired. And were just having late lunch. So we stayed there for a while and then everyone decided that it was time to leave.

Instead of going home we decided to meet one of his best friends. We went and picked him up from his place. Rishabh has told me a lot about him. This guy is like his brother. It was great to finally meet him. We talked a lot about each other and went to this food outlet “Rahul Eggs“. What was amazing about this place was, it having more than 300 kind of egg recipes. Wish I could try them all.

At last we went home after a tiring day which was full of emotions. We thought of watching a movie. We played ‘Her‘, in between of which first I slept and then him because we both were really tired.


Struggle. Understanding. Faith. Love.


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