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Day 7 – Speechless

Why is this bird flying so close to me? And now it is hitting my face with it’s wings…Stop it! Stoppppp!…..thought I, while this bird continued flapping its wings against my face.

I woke up, apparently I was dreaming and actually one of the guys was trying to wake me up with gently patting in my face.
Hey Issy! We gotta go. Come, lock the door! We’ll meet soon. Thank you for last night and have a good sleep today!

Mmmmmmmm – was the only thing I could murmur, at that moment, but he understood what I implemented. So I locked the door and went back to sleep.

When we woke up, it was already afternoon. Apparently this was about to be a lazy day!

“Hey, should I go and make coffee”, he asked. The moment I replied was the moment we realised this is not gonna be a normal day. I have literally lost my voice and I was not able even to make a sound. So the conversations that we had that day were so hilarious. It was either lip reading or even texting the person standing beside me.


After a few minutes, we got a call from Rishabh’s best friends that they are close to our place and we can hang out together. We got ready and went out. While heading the place where they were waiting for us, something unexpected happened. Two guys on a scooter threw water balloons at us. It was really hilarious! Usually before the festival of colours (Holi), people in India start throwing water balloons at random strangers soaking them wet. While some people enjoy it, for some it is resentful.

So we ran towards their car before someone else could hit us.

We got in their car and told them about the incident which they laughed off. Nevertheless, we went to have Kathi Rolls at Little Chef. This place has mouth watering chicken rolls and we had savoured the best of them. Afterwards, I asked them from where I could get a cup of good hot tea as I had a sore throat. So, we went to Starbucks. There I asked for a lemon tea without milk but the barista gave me an Americano. When I asked him to change it he gave a Masala Tea. Ultimately, I gave up and had the Masala Tea because it was really difficult for me to even utter a single word.

We left Starbucks, and went on to meet Rishabh’s friend whom we met on Day-2. Now, the group was complete. We started cruising, while we chatted in the car. They told me a lot about themselves and so did I (as much as i could whisper). It was certainly a pleasure sharing about each others lives while cruising in a soothing weather.


After it was time for everyone to go home, his friends dropped us near our place late evening. We walked to this place Wah Ji Wah which is famous for its variety Chaap (soy). We got a few dishes packed for our movie night.

On our way home, we got hit by water balloons, yet again. He saved me this time as he saw the guys in car who were going to throw them. We hurried to our place. We changed our clothes, took shower and prepared everything for the movie night.

Probably, we forgot to mention we had a projector at our place. We watched the movie Arrival with which we had our delicious dinner. A perfect movie night.

Struggle. Understanding. Faith. Love.




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