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Day 6 – Soulful Glance

I woke up pretty early in the morning because I was really excited for this day and was not able to sleep. Not only there was a plan for us finally to go to a party, but also the day when we had to visit the zoo.

Yes, had to go… Sadly, Indians have one pretty bad habit and it is of being late. Punctuality doesn’t exist in their dictionary 😀 . But this is one of the things that makes them unique, so we can just adore them for that <3. No… i can’t adore them for that because I missed the zoo! The thing is, the last entrance for the zoo is at 16:30 and it is pretty big, so if you want to go there, go at least a few hours before that.

Delhi’s Zoo is something really fascinating. A place you definitely should visit because of the unique and wide variety of animals. Well, next time I will definitely go.

Soo… back to the day.

We had to meet our friends around 2 pm so that we could visit the zoo. And because one of our friends really wanted to go there, we waited for him. After spending 2 hours waiting for them we realized that there is no time for us to go in, so we decided to go and see Purana Qila (Old Fort) which is situated exactly adjacent to the Zoo.


And, honestly, this was the best decision we took! The moment we entered the gate, a completely different world opened in font of us. Away from all the fuss of the India’s capital, this was exactly the place you could be in peace with yourself.


**(You can check our Travel Blog about Purana Qila in which we shared the magical hidden world in Delhi, by clicking HERE)**


Ironically, we were really thankful to the guys that they did’t show up. We were alone. Just us! Roaming around. Exploring new places. Exploring each other. One of the best days of our lives.


After spending more than 3 hours, wandering and enjoying ourselves, we went to a restaurant “All American Diner” hidden in the India Habitat Center. At India Habitat Center we saw not only a lot of amazing illustrations about the Indian history but also the preparations for the festival of Holi that had to take place there.
















We’re so famished, that it felt like the most delicious supper we’ve ever had. The nachos with salsa, the cheese burger with chocolate and peanut butter milkshakes quenched our hunger and thirst completely.


As soon as we left, we got a call that we have to be at the party place quickly. We hurried to the place just to find out, we couldn’t enter it, due to certain issues. So, we decided to go to another really interesting place known as the Hauz Khas Village, which is a street surrounded by clubs, lounges and cafes all around. We went to one of the best lounge there the Hauz Khas Social

In the Social Cafe you are able not just to have a great party but also to have amazing cocktails, snacks and even a really nice dinner. The guys were really hungry, they ordered a lot of amazing things – pasta, chilli chicken, nachos etc. And because we just have had a nice meal and we were not hungry, we ordered just some drinks but while checking the menu our glance was attracted by something really interesting. A challenge. It was saying : “We dare you to eat these Death Wings and if you are able to eat all of them we will give you a free lemonade!”


That day, the Bulgarian-Russian girl proved that she can stand next to an Indian guy and proudly say that it was exactly spicy and hot for him as it was for her!

So, we got our lemonade and, thank God, it had a lot of sugar :D!

We were so eager to dance, that we joined the party before our friends were done with their dinner. After dancing a lot on the really crowded dance floor, we decided to take a small walk outside, of which we definitely didn’t have any good impression because it was full of strange, drunk, high and aggressive people.

We danced a lot after coming back to the club and at one point, because of the huge crowd, we lost our friends. And while we were dancing, a guy came to us and asked us to look up. We turned around and we saw the guys waving and calling for us from the second floor. Apparently it was time to leave.

So we all boarded in different cars and went to our place. While everyone was adjusting, we both went to buy some snacks and chips from the 24/7 shop. When we came back in around 30 mins, all of the girls were pretty drunk.

That was one of the most hilarious nights!


Struggle. Understanding. Faith. Love.





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