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Why Jogging?

Jogging is probably one of the best “exercises” to be healthy and tone your body.

Ever wondered how useful can it be for you?

After adapting the physical regime of jogging this is what we experienced and would love to share and recommend.



General Advantages

  1. Being a cardiovascular exercise, jogging increases your heart rate and improves heart’s efficiency to pump blood and hence deliver more oxygen to every muscle of your body. This decreases the risk of getting heart related diseases as it works our heart, improves the pumping action and strengthen our lungs.
  2. Jogging is a weight-bearing exercise so it makes our bones strong and prevents us from bone related diseases.
  3. Jogging alone can burn a lot of calories depending on how long and with what intensity you are running. It improves your metabolism, which further helps you lose a lot of weight, if you’re regular.
  4. Jogging helps you flatten your stomach. Although it doesn’t directly target your abdominal muscles but it helps you lose fat around your stomach revealing your abdominal muscles more.

Our Experience

Both of us being dancers and sportspeople, jogging regularly has a great impact on our lifestyle.

  1. Our stamina improved.
  2. We improved our breathing.
  3. Our mobility improved, as we feel more adaptive to certain dance techniques, which required it.
  4. Improved strength.
  5. Our agility improved.
  6. We feel more active and refreshed, psychologically as well.
  7. Our sleep improved. Before we felt tired even after having a good sleep, but now we don’t.

Our Suggestions

For Beginners: We would like to suggest, you start with brisk jogging regularly, even if it’s for a few minutes, just keep doing it daily. When it gets easy after some time, you can increase either your tempo or duration or both 😂.


For advanced: We suggest, you don’t hold on to the slow jogging part for long. You can make small intervals: jog-sprint-jog. Or you can add some exercise of your choice in between jogging. For example, you can jog for certain distance and then do lunges for the same distance.


Important thing while jogging is to be comfortable and be safe from injuries, which we both have suffered during our regime. So we both went through different equipment and we would like to share the most convenient and comfortable shoes we came across.

For Issy before finding the Adidas Duramo 7, she tried different types of ankle holders which were really inconvenient. Now as she says, “having this feeling of stepping on a cloud and feeling reborn 😂😂.”


For Rishabh, the most suitable and adaptive shoes, he found were the Nike 5.0 and Adidas Falcon Elite 5, which he highly recommend.


You can find them on the links below:
Adidas Duramo 7

Nike 5.0

Adidas Falcon Elite 5


So guys, do not hesitate! Put your shoes on and go out! Let’s jog!



You can check the adorable Totoro gifs here


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