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Day 5: Celebration

She still had fever the entire night. After taking a medicine she just lied down and covered herself with a blanket. I could not see her suffering and although she didn’t want me to leave our friends alone I decided to sleep with her for a few hours. After hugging her tight she finally calmed down and slept. I was really happy because being awake the whole night could make her more sick. Everyone took a small nap too, so as to leave early for they had to go home and get ready for our friend’s birthday celebration. It had to take place at ‘My Bar Headquarters in Connaught Place early afternoon. After all our friends left we cleaned up all the mess and took a nap for a few more minutes.

Late morning I got a call from my parents reminding me to get to the family custom about which they told me a couple a days of back which I had totally forgotten about. Although I had to be there for an hour or so, I had to go a long way from her. So both of us got ready, and before leaving I asked our common friends who lived not far away from us to be with her and take her with them for the birthday celebration as I would directly meet them there.

Now came the time when I couldn’t be with her even after her, being so close to me. It was such a misery. I remember just staying with her and not wanting to leave. Even after saying goodbye a few times, I just stayed with her. Yet, I had to leave after getting numerous reminding calls. I remember texting and calling her all the time while I was on my way. She finally went with our friends who lived near us and her wi-fi was gone so I could not text her and I was really worried about her all the time.

At the customs, desperate to leave, I was hurrying up everything, so that I could be with her soon. I left as soon as I could and got to the celebration venue, where I found out that they are going to be really late due to heavy traffic. I called the girl whom I asked to pick Issy up and I got to know that they were really near and they just have to pick 2 of our friends and they would be here. I asked her to give Issy the phone. When she answered, it was the long distance part of our relationship all over again, ironical isn’t it? I could not talk on the phone. As I could construe, neither could she. So we disconnected the call pretty fast. Luckily I waited with a few friends of ours who came early like I did.


They finally got here. We hugged each other so tight as if it were our first. Being again with her, feeling her, I finally was able to take a breath. We all went up to the lounge, got ourselves a table as we finally settled down. I sat not so close to her but just adoring her from a distance while she laughed and enjoyed the company of our friends. She just kept looking at me in between and smiled to me in the most lovable way as if she were with me and not them.

To my surprise one of our friends just got up and gave me his seat so that I could be next to her, probably because he noticed us. She held my hands and gazed at me for a while. I complimented about how beautiful she looked for which she gave me a peck on the cheek. It was almost time for the birthday girl to cut her cake. Everyone sang the birthday song and proceeded to take pictures with each other.

She came and sat next to me and asked if I would want to dance, about which I held her hands and took her to the dance floor. I got really nervous as everyone started staring at us. Being with a foreigner in India, you have to get used to staring. Nevertheless, we danced our hearts out and luckily we finally got to dance on one of our favourite songs ‘Ed Sheeran’s – Shape of You.‘ I remember getting back to our table after exhausting ourselves while some people smiled at us as if they appreciated our dance.

After taking a lot of pictures with the birthday girl and the whole group outside, we made the plan for the next day and it was time to go home. So we proceeded to the car with the birthday girl and her cousin sister. The same girl who gave Issy a ride to the venue asked me to drive, because she was really tired. Yet again, we were stuck in the traffic for more than hour. So when we were at our first stop, while saying goodbyes to the birthday girl, Issy looked at me and asked if we can walk to our place. I could see it in her eyes, she really missed the long walks, which in Delhi are really difficult. Although it was pretty late and dark I agreed and we walked home. I was a little bit concerned because at night there usually are a lot of jerks around, fortunately the walk was really pleasant. I will never forget how excited and lovely she was while feeding her thirst for long night walks.

We finally got home, when I received a call from my closest friends who asked me, if we would like to meet them in a few minutes. So we refreshed fast and headed to their place. We spent the entire evening till late night with them. I remember taking her to one of our favourite places – a small park next to one of my friend’s home and we were just talking about her experience there, our story and fooled around a lot.

We’re home after a great day and even a greater evening and fortunately she didn’t have fever anymore. That night finally, we both slept peacefully.



Struggle. Understanding. Faith. Love.


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