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Day 4: Savouring

I woke up with a really uncomfortable feeling in my back. I was lying on something that caused me discomfort. A towel? … Was it under my T-shirt? Yeah! … And it was all wet. It didn’t take me long to realise that last night I was all under the weather, dizzy and I slept with a really high fever after taking a pill which made me all sweaty. Most probably he spread the towel inside my t-shirt so that it could imbibe my sweat. Smart of him.

He was still sleeping, but definitely not so peacefully. Something was bothering him. The moment I was thinking about all this, his eyes opened, “how are you?!” he asked. He jumped from the bad and touched my forehead with his lips. “Okay! No fever! How do you feel?! You don’t look good. Did you sleep well?”. “I feel much better! The question is how did you sleep?” Although, it was quite obvious he didn’t sleep enough. This was one of the worst things I am always afraid of: to make him worried about me. Although I tried to convince him that I felt good, he was still not believing me. Gently pressing his lips against my forehead every thirty minutes just to see if I were alright. Well honestly, I loved it. 😀

The plan for the day was undecided. The guys had to call us when their college was over, so we decided to do the things we were best at: Eat. Sleep. Dance. Repeat. Until it was afternoon, when we decided to get ready and went to his parents home. I was really nervous because I was finally going to meet Indian parents about whom I’ve heard stories of strictness and furiousness. Contradictory to what I’ve heard, his mom Preeti is the sweetest person I have ever met in my life. You could feel a great and strong mother-son connection when you see them together. The vibe they were spreading was more than amazing. I also met his notorious younger brother Siddharth with whom I’ve talked over sometimes whenever he disrupted our video calls.

Preeti prepared Indian tea for us with a lot of evening snacks for me to try. Interestingly the word for tea in Hindi, Russian and Bulgarian is the same and it is pronounced as ‘chai‘. The only difference is that Indians drink it with milk. And no, they just don’t add the milk like we add it in our coffees, they boil the tea with the milk together. Being a Russian we drink a lot of tea in our home, but this ‘chai’ was something really different and great in taste. We had an amazing discussion about our cultures over the tea as we waited for his father’s response to, if he’s going to make it early that day so that I could meet him. But he called and told us that he won’t be able to make it early, so we decided to come again for a dinner before I leave for Bulgaria.

After we left his home he took me to his terrace where he always wanted to. We sat there holding hands as we treasured our togetherness in the soothing weather. We talked about how he always wanted to be here with me at night and show me the city lights and kiss me while the moonlight gleam upon us. Nevertheless the sunset wasn’t so bad enough in itself for us to exchange a romantic kiss. So we did. After which he hugged me tightly while we expressed our love for each other. One of our most beautiful moments.


It was time to head to the place where we ought to have dinner with the guys. While on our way there, he took me to a place called Puri Bakers to have something as both of us haven’t had anything good enough since morning and we couldn’t hold our hunger till dinner.

“So what do you want?” 

“Oh, I have no clue… a cheesecake maybe!” 

“Okaay.. and do you want.. OOOOOOH! I know what we are going to have!!”

I waited for him a little bit aside from the crowd few minutes after which he came with two plates. In the first one there was an ‘Oreo cheesecake‘ which was really tasty. But from the other one, he just took small piece and put it in my mouth. Only this one was really different. It was magic! Pure magic! It was sweet, light, but at the same time it was a pastry. The feeling was really scrumptious and delightful. “What is this?!” exclaimed I. “Haven’t you had ‘Red Velvet’ cake before? This is my all time favourite!” “Now it is my favourite too!” “Do you want more?” he asked and as soon as I threw the plates in the bin while answering that there is no need , he appeared with a new piece! Well, what could we do about it but just savour the pure red and white happiness in our plate.

We went to pick up our friends who were living close to our place and we headed to the place where we had to meet everyone and have dinner. The name of the place is “Sethi’s” which is located in Rajouri Garden, New Delhi. This place is famous for its ‘Beliram chicken’, ‘Butter chicken’, ‘Kadhai paneer’, ‘Dal makhani‘, every kind of other North Indian dishes and breads. Quite obviously we savoured all these famous dishes. It was all so mouth-watering. Although I was sick, it didn’t stop me from eating until my stomach hurt.

We all went to our home. It was almost midnight and two of our friends were still not here. Exactly at 00:00 the entrance door opened and a loud “Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Meghnaaa! Happy Birthday to youu!!” filled the whole house! It was one of our friends birthday and it was one of the best birthday meetings ever. All our friends stayed over at our place. We ate, talked, enjoyed the entire night making fun of each other.



Struggle. Understanding. Faith. Love.




For me it was really fascinating to see how the cows walk so peacefully on the streets and main roads. This is a picture from the terrace.



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