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Day 3: Going South

Wednesday morning. 9 am.

“Love, I bet you are hungry! Guess what are we going to eat today?”
“Aaaam… something Indian I suppose 😂”

“Oh come ooon… guess, guess!”
“Okay, okay … hmm… Biryani?” “No!” “Rolls…?” “Nope.” “Oh! Oh! Oh! Momos!”

Yes this was the day we had to finally go and have momos.
We had our morning coffee and got ready pretty fast because we had to go South Delhi, which was quite far from the place we were staying at and with Delhi’s traffic it could take us along time to get there. So we got in the car and headed to the place where the guys were waiting for us. In a few we were 6 hungry people in one car heading to south Delhi.


So we were heading Amar Colony, Lajpat Nagar to have Momos from the one of the most famous places known as the Hunger Strike. This place is famous for its Tandoori Momos, Afghani Momos and other food items. After a few minutes of ordering, an amazing thing in a plate appeared in front of me. One of the guys was holding the plate and he just took one of the colourful momo with really amazing aroma things and stuffed it in my mouth. A burst of flavors and emotions got all over me. For a moment there was no one except the magical  momo and me. Guys, if you ever get a chance to go to India, definitely have the momos! I promise, you won’t regret. Paneer momos, chicken momos, or veg momos. They are all delicious and flavoursome!


After the delicious and spicy momos, it was time for sweet dish. So we went to one of the best waffles places which was luckily not far from us. The waffles were amazing, especially the nutella ones.


Almost forgot, on our way to the waffles place something really strange happened. There was this guy on the terrace of his house throwing water balloons at people. This is common in India. People throwing water balloons, around the festival of Holi. So our friends decided that Issy had to experience that. I realized what was about to happen the moment the guy missed me 😀 That scream and laughter at the same time was the most amazing thing ever 😀

And after our tummies were finally full we decided to go to see two of the most famous temples in Delhi. The Iskcon temple and the Lotus temple.


Iskcon temple was the first Hindu temple we visited and the best part of it was that we just got in at the time for the prayer. It was really interesting because it was way different form any other religious prayers you can see. Shortly after our peaceful visit to Iskcon temple we went to the Lotus temple which was just a couple of hundred meters away from Iskcon temple. We walked to the temple through the beautiful park that was connecting them. Sadly it was closed already. We missed it just by a couple of minutes. But even from the outside it was worth seeing.


Later that evening we left our friends home and proceeded to go home because we were really tired walking and being stuck in traffic almost all day long. When we finally got home after a tiresome day we took a hot shower and it was time to have dinner and get a good sleep. Not so long before sleeping she told me that she doesn’t feel good. To my fear she got fever because of all the exhaustion and weather change. She had some medicine before sleeping so that it didn’t get worse. When I hugged her while sleeping, she was burning. I got really scared, I didn’t really know what to do. I asked her if we should go to a hospital but she declined. Although it was burning and sweaty while cuddling, I still continued to hug her. I couldn’t just let go of her and kept kissing her forehead, hoping for her betterment. Just waiting for the sun to rise and her to be healthy and good as before. It was a long night.



Struggle. Understanding. Faith. Love.


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