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Day 2: Wandering!


My eyes opened, not long enough to realize that these are not the walls of my room, neither did that table belong to me. Where am I? Soon enough I realized something under me was moving. More like someone on whose chest I was lying…. I was hugging that someone as well that someone was hugging me.

Oh my God! This is HIM!

I finally woke up. I was in India, in the arms of the person I love the most! This was the happiest morning in my life!

He woke up after a couple of minutes after I did. He was smiling at me and I couldn’t stop but gaze at him. “I look pathetic…I am so sorry” he apologized about his “morning look”. Shut it! I exclaimed, “You never looked more handsome to me before” I said, and leaned on to kiss him.

After we had the much awaited morning coffees together we started getting ready for the upcoming geste. Which included, us going to the Bulgarian Embassy for me to submit some documents. We started from our place and reached there in about an hour. Honestly, this was one of the most beautiful areas in Delhi that I’ve been. It was clean, free of traffic and with so many trees with beautiful flowers.



After everything was done, we went on to meet our friends in central Delhi which is known by the name “Connaught Place” also abbreviated as “C.P.” We all went to a South Indian Restaurant where we had variety of delicious Masala Dosa, Vada, Sambar and Uthappam.

Masala Dosa


After satisfying our famished stomachs, it was time to show her around. First we took her to one of the most famous shopping areas in Delhi, the bazaar in C.P. called Janpath. This place is basically a traditional Indian market consisting of vast variety of traditional Indian stuff. We wandered there but not for long because she was not in a shopping mood, so we decided to leave it for other days.


After that we went to see the huge Indian Flag at the Central park of CP. While roaming around the Central park we found out a classical music performance had to take place. But we were there too early and we could just witness their practice run-through. Being a musician herself she was really fascinated to see the artists with varied kind of traditional Indian instruments. The musician with ‘Tabla’ fascinated her the most as she always wanted to witness live Tabla performance. It was really soul-feeding to see her all excited and enthusiastic about every little detail about our culture and other things. I will never forget those childish gestures of hers “look look look! That is Tabla, right?” How is he doing this doooom?! That is a drum… Doom Ta Dhin Dhin Ta” she started imitating the ‘tabla’ sounds. Unfortunately, we could not stay there for long as we had to visit the “India Gate.”


We all boarded the car and headed straight to India gate which was not that far but, the traffic made it . The important thing was to find the right exit of the CP roundabout in order to get to the India Gate. And I will never forget how sure she was about one of the exits and was asking me to take the one. But we didn’t listen to her just because she was the foreigner how could she know better than us. To our surprise we found out that her guess was right. That was the right exit and guess what, the next couple of days I was reminded about her wit.


There it stood, the India Gate. She was really impatient to see and experience the ambiance of the same. It was sunset and the perfect time to see the India Gate. We’re finally here. There she stood exclaiming “It’s Beautiful! Can we go nearer?”

We went real close. Where we showed her the inscriptions on the walls of the Gate and told her about the history and stories. We stayed there for an hour or so whilst hundred of people gathered around. We planned our next day and then decided to go home. We said goodbye to our friends and went on to drive to our place when suddenly my phone rang. I picked up and a loud voice filled the whole car saying “WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?” It was so loud, that people in Mumbai would’ve heard it. After we finally had a consensus about where I was we decided to meet. She was really eager to meet him because I have told her a lot about him. We had a really great time fooling around his locality and planned to meet soon again.


We got home after that and ordered our dinner. We took a shower and decided to watch a movie while having dinner. Both of us being really tired galloped through our food and just as I turned to ask her if she’s sleepy, I realized she had already been deep asleep all wrapped in me, like a puppy. I kissed her forehead and went on to sleep cuddling her.


Struggle. Understanding. Faith. Love.


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