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Day 1: The meeting


Can’t wait to see you”, she said. “We’re finally going to be together”, I replied as she boarded her flight to India. Wished her a safe journey as I desperately waited to hold her in my arms, close to my soul. Her flight had to start the very evening. It was an overnight flight with a halt at Doha. Desperation time arrived. I couldn’t believe she’s actually going to be here and we’re literally going to be together. I remember going through our conversations and pictures all night long waiting for the sun to rise so that I could leave for the airport. It was the longest night of my life. The sun finally came up and it was time for me to hit the road. On my way to the airport got stuck in the traffic and while tracking her flight, got to know that it landed a bit earlier than it had to. Called up our friends who had to join me to pick her up and asked them to meet at the airport. Being in a hurry, rather than parking my car I took it straight to the arrivals spot and found out you can’t stay more than a couple of minutes there. My heart was racing because our friends haven’t arrived yet and I could be asked to leave anytime by the officials.

She wasn’t out yet, had to request the officials​ to let me stay for a little bit more. I had no means to contact her and all I could do was just to wait for her. To my surprise our friends just arrived earlier than I expected and I had a sigh of relief. Three of them went to the gate where we asked her to come from while the two of us waited near our cars.

Couple of minutes passed, I was getting more desperate and pondering what must be she is going through. While talking to the friend who was there with me, he gave me a sudden gesture to look behind myself. Strangely as I turned, I saw…

Her running towards me and just grabbing me in her arms. Time just stopped, my heart skipped a beat and here she was, hugging me so tight. I hugged her like I would never let her go. It was moment of solace, for our souls found each other after so much longing.”

I kissed her head and we just gazed into each other’s eyes realizing that we Love each other more than we ever thought we did. I love her and I always will.



“There he stood… He looked so beautiful… That curly hair… His Side profiles….Looked so handsome as he drove…”

He took my hand, looked at me and said “So, the question…. Do you love me?”

While holding his hand and looking in his eyes, I recalled why did he ask me this question. A few days back I shared with him a story about my grandma. Which she told me before going to India about how when she was young she had a long distance relationship and how when they met, the moment she saw him coming out of the train she realized he was a complete stranger to her. There was no love. They were just strangers in Moscow.

I saw how scared he was, the same thing I was scared of. But we both knew that this story had nothing to do with our story.

“I love you!” we said in one voice!

Honk! Honk! Honk!

Wait wait wait… I was in India! We were stuck in the usual traffic of Delhi. The famous Indian traffic 😅. Suddenly I got really excited. I realized that it is not a fairy tale. It is not a dream. I was with him! He was with me! We finally reunited!

Honk! Honk!

The four friends of ours who came to meet me at the airport, were in a different car and were driving adjacently. “Sooo where are we going…now?” they were screaming “Are you hungry?” “Issy is heeere!”

I was so exhausted and excited at the same time that the guys thought I was “scared” of being in India. But they didn’t know that for me it was like being in heaven! I was so happy! I was in love!



After a long tussle with the traffic, we finally reached our abode. All thanks to ‘Airbnb’ for both a good host and abode. We’re getting our things settled while she was all surrounded by questions from our friends, well she had to be. All he did then, was gazing at me and smiling. After all the settlement was completed and our friends left, we stood there holding each others hands and just gazing into each other’s eyes, not able to believe that we can finally feel each other. He kissed my forehead and then we both went on to hug each other so tight, like it’s our last or maybe first as significant others. How beautiful that moment was when she just leaned over me and kissed, both our worlds cracked open as our souls danced as if they longed for it. Still makes us smile every time we either think or talk about it. Continued with our peachy talk about stars and universe and our devotion to each other.

Later in the evening we went to have pizza which as a couple was the first thing we wanted to have because we both love it. Finally we ended our first day with treasuring time with each other.

Adorable it was being us. Being together finally.


P.S.- We had no pictures clicked at the airport, guess we were too lost to click any. No regrets.


Struggle. Understanding. Faith. Love.


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