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A step closer!


How is the headache?”

“No headache 😊 😊 😊”

“Greaaattt! 😊 Take it easy today!”

“Yeah… As if I will have time to take it easy 😄 😄 😄

It was almost 8 am. In less than 12 hours I was about to be on a plane to Delhi! But before that there was a lot of stuff that had to be done!

While jogging early in the morning I was trying to make a plan for the day. A scheduled one. But the only thing that was in my head was him! His face, his smile, his voice!

And guess what… nothing happened as planned.

In the morning my mom, my brother and I had to go and meet my grandparents and I had to go to a beautician. We were late because of traffic and then after we were done with the meetings and appointments, our car ran out of fuel. Luckily my grandfather was in a shop near the place where we got stuck. He helped us push the car to the nearest gas station. We lost an hour and a half. But everything was okay.

So we got back to my mom’s place and while I was packing and video calling with him, we got really excited that I just wanted to teleport. It was 16:50 – 3 hours before the flight. Plenty of time, right? Around 17:20 I was ready with the packing and half an hour later I was ready to leave. We had 15-20 more minutes as my mom lived near the airport.

The only thing that was left to be done was the printing the boarding pass. Well everything was great until I realized I cannot do it due to some problems with the printer. Time to panic!

The company where I was working at that time had its office just 10-15 minutes away but that was our only hope, so we rushed there. I ran out of the car, got fast in the office and for the first time the computer attached to the printer was turned off. And worse – there was a password which I had no clue about. I tried a couple of passes and luckily the second guess was the correct password. So I printed the boarding pass and I had less than 30 minutes to get to the airport. The whole situation was so full of emotions. I thought I won’t be able to get to the airport in time… I won’t be able to check in… I will have to fly without a luggage or even not fly at all! I won’t see him! I won’t feel him! I won’t be able to feel the happiness. I started shivering…. Almost cried! But, I won’t let all that happen to me.

I was running with my luggage to the Fast Bag Drop and I saw these two guys who were doing the check-in packing, leaving. I shouted for them and they happily checked me in – 30 seconds after the counter had to close!

Everything was alright! My luggage was in, I was ready to go to the security checking. While holding my boarding pass, passport and phone. I saw my mom coming, probably after she found a parking spot. I was still shivering. She looked at me, hugged me and said:

Go…. He is waiting for you!



Struggle. Understanding. Faith. Love.


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