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We all know what Tinder is, right? But have you ever thought that an app like this can change your whole life in less than 5 days. If somebody would have told me something like this I would be like…. Get out of here… I’ve heard a lot of stories like this.
Well…. It happened to me. Never expected that. Even in my dreams I never imagined something like that to happen.
Let me tell you a story:

A friend of mine with whom I worked in the summer break found her boyfriend (they are happily and madly in love with each other) on “Tinder”. So they both decided that I should install it too . As the matter of fact they installed it on my phone and started swiping right to everyone. And of-course you can guess what happened after that – sex invitations, a lot fake compliments, even “D-pics” (if you know what I mean). Firstly my account being connected with Facebook and in Bulgaria my name not being so common makes it pretty easy to find me everywhere. And there was just one guy with whom it was kind of normal and even pleasant to text. The reason was because he didn’t have any intention of dating me, he just wanted to know more about my country and culture and the only reason he wanted to meet was because he and his colleagues wanted to make friends  and have relations with someone from Bulgaria. As they used say, “we’re having the time of our life”. And what happened, we found a family.

Actually, in the beginning I didn’t want to meet, because you never know if someone is telling the truth, especially on social media. So I proposed if we could meet at Vintage Garden Party, which was about to take place in a couple of days in the central Sofia. The thing is that these kind of parties usually start at 15:00h. and end at 22:00h. So he told me that it would be too early for them. They sounded really unsure. So actually when I was there I really thought that the guys won’t come and we won’t meet. But to my surprise we met.

Around 22:10 I was standing with four guys next to the turntable while struggling to pronounce their names. I was so excited to meet them, although I was really scared but the moment I saw them I went nuts!

At that moment I didn’t even realize that these guys will change my life.
I remember them being a little reserved because of my hyper energetic behavior, they even asked me several times if I was high or drunk, so I thought that most probably they will try to escape as fast as possible. Well, again to my surprise our first meeting ended at 7:00 in the morning.
We were meeting every night till they left….until this last morning which was the worst morning of my life. I didn’t want them to go. I was cursing the destiny for making us meet for such a short period of time. I wanted to go home that day as soon as possible, because it would be really difficult for me seeing them go away the very morning but they didn’t let me. While they were packing I was in their in their room planning ro steal their passports. But that would be just really selfish of me. So the time came when they had to get in the bus which would take them to the airport. We were hugging each other last goodbyes when someone just playfully said “Ah, you can cry now” … and the tears started falling like streams of river. I could not stop them. Trying to laugh through them but it was impossible. I don’t know how and what exactly was happening inside me but I was crying like a baby. I was crying because I knew that a huge part of me is going to leave me, most probably forever. As they were saying “We are leaving a part of us with you” but the thing was they individually took parts of me with them too. I knew I will be incomplete without them. That was the moment when I promised myself that I will meet my “parts” again. I knew we met for a reason. I wanted to know what this reason was. Although I had felt a specific vibe I couldn’t exactly tell what the Universe was trying to tell me.
All of them were in the bus while I was standing behind waiting for it to start, but it didn’t, as if it were waiting for me to get in and go with them. Still crying I remember ordering a taxi that would take me to work for which I was already late… but who cares. So the bus went. The cab came. The driver was so gentle – I used him like a personal psychologist and I was really thankful because this helped me somehow. When I arrived at my work, I just went to the back room and I fell asleep on the floor. The girl I was working with asked me to go home because I needed to sleep.
I was in my bed when suddenly I got a text:
“Hey! We’re at Istanbul! Hope my cute piece of shit is doing okay
Have you had rest?
Did you sleep?!
I hope you have stopped crying!
If you haven’t, I am coming back!”
Then another one:
“Thank you for such wonderful memories. This past week with you was AWESOME.
Btw we reached Istanbul already. 
If you cry again, I’m gonna cancel my flight… come back to you… and punch you in the eye! -.-“
Then I got a text saying:
“Hey, I think everyone is talking to you, because everyone is smiling. We are in Istanbul as you know! We miss Bulgaria. We miss Sofia. We miss you….”
I will never forget these texts. I will never forget the time that we all spent here!
But the best was yet to come.
Despite all the comments about how usually people are making promises to stay in touch forever and with time the fire slowly disappears, but with us it was not like that. Well at least with one of the guys.
I knew there was something really special in him. He was actually the one with whom I had the most in common but we talked the least. He was distant. Really distant. When I was asking the others what is it with him, why is he walking alone in the front, why is he not talking to me, they were answering, oh he is like that, leave him. How could I leave him when there was something like a magnet that was attracting me all the time and I was trying to reach him, using every opportunity. And the last night, like a magic, he came to me and we had a long and really deep conversation, also really honest and open one. He was special. He is special.
As weeks passed, not a single day went when we didn’t text and not a single night when we didn’t talk. I remember finishing work around 8 and not going home until 11 because we’re so indulged into talking to each other that I just started wandering. And the only reason I had to go home was due to my phone’s battery dying. Our conversations were getting intense, humorous and open with time not realizing that I was falling madly in love with him.
But, one day I found the answer to my question, “why I met these people?” While holding my plane tickets to India, I realized the reason was to meet my significant other. I was in love. I was deeply in love. I was in love like I’ve never been before. So was he.
You never know how and when you’ll meet your real love. Your eternal partner.


Struggle. Understanding. Faith. Love.


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