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Last week of my summer training at Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria. Having no intentions to date anyone, a friend/colleague installed Tinder to find new people to hang out and explore Sofia (city) with, ended up matching this beautiful girl with whom we decided to meet.Initially three friends of mine including me met her and her friends at a swing party in Central Sofia before which I remember two friends of mine being really nervous and my other friend and I boosting them up. Nevertheless we met, a formal introduction took place and being from totally different cultures and countries almost all of us went under the rigors of pronouncing each other’s name. We continued talking for a long time there until her friends decided to leave, after which even she had to leave but her keenness to know about our culture and us kept her with us till sunrise when she had to finally leave because she had to go to work. Moreover that night we decided to meet rest of our friends too, because she was really interested into knowing new people and together we roamed around the exquisite streets of Sofia.


She had that enthusiasm to explore new things. The kind of personality that would attract you from miles away. A soul so beautiful that left me bedazzled. A person so comely which got me so captivated that I couldn’t stop but gaze at her.

Fast forward to next evening when we planned a dinner at a traditional Bulgarian restaurant. We decided to meet at the National Palace of Culture (NPC) which was near the restaurant. We were there and now we had to find her due to a confusion about where the entrance of the NPC is. My friends and I decided to split up and find her. I don’t know if it were fate or what, I was the one to find her. She looked so beautiful I got stuck. She greeted me and hugged. And asked me where the other guys were, to which I replied “they’re busy finding you.” I’ll always cherish that moment we walked together finding the other guys while it was drizzling. Got to see a new and beautiful aspect of her.

After finding everyone we went to the restaurant where we had delicious cuisine. While having our dinner we just started gazing at each other and not for a moment it felt awkward. On contrast we both enjoyed it as we exchanged smiles and glances.

Last few days left of our visit. She decided to show us around the beautiful parts of Sofia, the streets, the clubs, the traditional and monumental areas. We met every evening till the very last one. But, to our misfortune every time we went to a pub to party it was closed. So, we usually ended up roaming around new areas and having street food.


Being self-aware about my sentiments and emotions (as redundant as it sounds) I bounded myself. I didn’t engaged in talking to her even when she insisted. I knew I would get emotionally attached to her and it would be an affliction being so far from her. But I couldn’t bound myself for too long and the last night together we spent hours talking, knowing and being with each other.

I believe I fell in love but I never wanted to even realize if I did. She is like this vast ocean of infinite fathoms in which I’m drowning and discovering all new beautiful parts of her. All I want to do is to drown. Now I wanted to be with her but to my fear we’re going to part.

The very next morning we had to leave and I remember her being all in tears. One of the worst moments of my life. We hugged and promised to stay in touch all the time with each other. I came back to India but my heart stayed with her.

PS: I couldn’t mention each and every detail about our visit. Her and I had an amazing time, we exchanged a lot of things about our languages, culture etc. I suggest you guys to visit Bulgaria, it’s an amazing country with exquisite places and really helpful people.


Struggle. Understanding. Faith. Love.


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