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5 Things To Do For Long Distance Couples

If you ask someone who is in a long distance relationship about their biggest couple problem, usually they will answer that it is them not being together.  Seeing couples walking on the streets holding hands, watching movies and just being together physically can sometimes arise nostalgia or Saudade in LDR couples. The lack of physical contact can be somewhat mentally noxious. But, you can always scrabble through by adopting these clichéd ways.We ourselves are abiding by these ways on daily basis. I can assure you that we are having​ the best of times, being so far.

So here are the things that we usually do:

  • Virtual Dinner (Date):

The idea of virtual dating occurred to us on our one month anniversary. One of us just asked the other if they wanted to have a kind of formal dinner together. But the main question was how are we going to do that especially when our cuisines are not even close to each other. That’s what the intriguing part of being in a relationship from 2 extremely different culture is. You can try preparing each other’s dishes and get tips whenever you need. Nevertheless the food thing can be done pretty easily – on the first dinner what we decided to do was either to prepare one and the same thing or just find the best equivalent in our traditional meals. For example on our first dinner together we both prepared Maggie noodles.

(Tip 1: if you go to India definitely buy yourself Maggie noodles, you won’t find better noodles anywhere in the world. Tip2: the Bulgarian ones suck!)

  • Watching movies

Well, it is pretty easy and most of you are aware how to do it. Both of you can download the same movie and then while being on a ‘skype’ or ‘imo’ call you just have to sync your timings. If you’re using your cell phone for video-call don’t forget to place facing you and enjoy your partner’s reaction and the movie.

  • Working-out together

This one is actually  interesting. Both of us being dancers, working out daily is really important. And before starting doing it together we were spending hours explaining The Hows, The Whats and The Whys. We are still struggling through with these strategies to work out together specially due to the time difference that we have, but we manage to help each other with certain technicalities. For example we are giving advices in building the workout programs like cross-fit circuits or jogging and stretching together while video calling.

  • Wandering around!

Does it sound strange? No, right. Well it is strange—for some elder people. So while being in a park or a mall or on the streets you see a lot of couples just roaming while holding hands. With us it’s more like clinging to each other’s ears. Even after literally being thousands of miles away we’re metaphorically walking hundreds of miles together while talking on the phone. Sometimes we have caught ourselves taking a new, longer or even an avoidable path to get home just to continue talking.


But why did I mention the elders? Well, believe me or not, but once an old man came to me and asked if I needed any help and then turned to his friend and told him that most probably I have some mental illness. Living in a country where English not being a common tongue, talking on the phone using hands-free will get you a lot of stares especially when you suddenly get a call from your mother while you are talking to your partner and suddenly you just have to switch to your native language. Some people get nuts. 

  • Sleeping

For this one you will need a long-life phone battery if you want to wake up and still be on each other’s screen. Above all it is really soul feeding when you wake up during the night and just see them peacefully sleeping and hear that little snoring .

P.S. : Never hesitate to share those small irksome thoughts because they can be the very reason of your misfortune.


Struggle. Understanding. Faith. Love.


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