The Liebster Award || Blogmas # 15 ❄

Hey Guys!

Recently we’ve been nominated for another blogger’s award: The Liebster Award.

We have been nominated by the amazing T.Shaw from T. Shaw Writer. Her blogging life started not so long ago and in less than a month she became an exquisite blogger! A wife and a plant mom ❤ graduated student in English Literature. We really adore reading her content and it is a real honour to be nominated by her. Also, we got to know that we are her very first followers, so this makes it even more sentimental! Just wish you to enjoy blogging always as much as you do now! And always to do what your heart wants ❤ Read More


Christmas around the World! (part 1) || Blogmas # 14 ❄

Hey Guys!

Fancy a different way to celebrate Christmas?

As cheerful as it sounds, the beauty of Christmas lies in the unique ways people celebrate it around the world. How fascinating are the traditions, people are following since the old times?

Here are some diverse Christmas traditions, we came across.
Hope you enjoy them!

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Sofia Weihnachtsmarkt || Blogmas # 13 ❄

Hey Guys!

Today we have decided to share with you how a Christmas market looks like in the capital city of Bulgaria – Sofia. Maybe some of you remember what we have written in our third Blogmas post about the Christmas markets and if you don’t and have no idea what a Christmas market is, you can always check the related post 🙂 Read More